Life knows the answers to your questions. She speaks to you without words. She feeds you and takes care of you. She is everywhere. In the air you breathe. In the food you eat. In the grounds you walk on. In your body which does alchemical miracles every day. In every thing you touch, you smell, you see, you hear and taste.
You don’t have any control over Life. She gives freely, and you walk your life being asleep, blind on the miracle that is here for you. When will you wake up? In the moment of your death you will open your eyes, and say: God, give me another time to notice the beauty that I didn’t see?
You choose not to trust, because of what? Because of the fear. So one more time connect with this Truth, that everything is given to you. Connect with the Truth that you are loved. And look for this, notice this, it is here, right here, always. It is here with you. The Life lives through you. And then you notice there is no “you” any more, and it never was. There is only Life, living within “you”, living in every form “you” encounter. And then you can slow down. More and more slowly you move, you take more time to see and hear, and you are closer and closer home. Home is here. Waiting for you. This is your Mother. With Her arms wide open, She was always here. Her Love carried you throughout every moment until tired you turn to her and say: take me, I was always yours. And then you realise you were always Hers and couldn’t be apart, as She never left you. She is here. Closer and closer in this moment, you learn from Her. She teaches you how to love her every child. And you realise all those names you called her, all your understanding, all your reasoning, was wrong. It was only your mind trying to grasp the Mystery. And then your trust deepens. This wonderful Life, which is not tired of creating, has brought you throughout all your lives to this moment. Right very that moment. And now you can open your eyes… And ask Her: how do you want me to live? And open to Her answers, not the ideas you have had, but Her teaching, Her Lessons, Her beautiful, bountiful Presence, and She will take you… With your breath. She will take you. Just be. Just be. Just be. And let Her live through you. Surrender. And you will see things being taken from your Life with one gust of wind. You will see things being brought to your Life with one drop of rain. And you merge with it. And there is no more questions. Only Life living Life.