The art of creation, the art of destruction / Sztuka tworzenia, sztuka niszczenia, oil on canvas 2016


Take another breath
or it will happen anyway
drop those ideas
about how you should be

Cause you are , yes are…
yes you are!

Everybody on this Planet
everybody here and now
are Her children
and beloved
and she doesn’t want you just to live and simply die
this Love
without discovering
you are Love

You are, yes, you are, you are…

So stop complaining
become quiet for a moment
I know it is so difficult
to believe that you are
more than you’ve thought
more than any thought could ever tell you
cause you can, yes you, can go deeper into this
and you can feel it all
from beyond those thoughts
and you can feel we are all One
this is
superb adventure
superb adventure
Feel this Love, feel this Love
which allows you to live,
which allows you to breathe,
which allows you to be…