Sea cliff / Morze, klif, oil on paper, 2013.

The space, the only one that always exists. I call this the Space, some call her Here and Now, some call her God. I feel it is a She, the Space. The Space that allow things to happen and that sustains the Life, that is present in everything. Not only the beings we perceive as alive, but everything is ALIVE at this moment. And then you can start all over again, since you are always alive yourself in the present moment.

And it doesn’t mean you have to do something special or not to do anything. You can live your ordinary life, but since you dive into the present, it becomes extraordinary. And then you stop judging yourself. And then you stop judging others. Simply because it is not possible any more! And the more you allow the Life to happen, the more it flows freely. The more freely you feel. Life was always here, so remove yourself and allow her to live through you! And this is what I am telling you and myself.

I long to meet you in that Space… The Space that belongs to her, Shakti, the power that creates the Universe.

I feel very connected to Kala Ratri. I want to invite her to my life, let her destroy whatever she wants to destroy. Then there will be more Space for God to be here with me. He is always here with me, and the only one that needs to be destroyed, is my false self. Please Kala Ratri, come, dance in my Life, take this small self away, you are the only one able to do that.