You are looking at it / Ty to widzisz, oil on canvas, 2016

There is the loneliness that is bitter
and She longs to be met
and you cannot deny it this time
it is the matter of Life or death

This meeting is on Her terms
and She destroys every way
that is not direct and only true Her

She won’t cry when she cause you die,
she will be dancing on your grave
the only one that dies here and now
is the one that never lived in Her

So come with me and enjoy
the darkness and the blood
that is the welcoming of a sword
that doesn’t come through the word
but through the Truth beyond your ideas
beyond your understanding
there is no question when She enters
and that is the One I am calling

I am calling the One that is scary
the One that would take your speech away
the One that merges the silence and noise together
in the sacred yet everyday way

You don’t know your name
as long as you haven’t looked into your own eyes
what have you seen in the mirror
was never She
but She shall come and be

Please the only One beyond knowing
take away this body and this anger
it is burning
till nothing
will be left
I cannot wait to die into you and melt
down to the bottom of death

There is only One Life, and She got it all in Her hands
your arrogance your lack of Love
annoys Her.

Yet She can do with you whatever She wants
and this is the only wisdom I have got.

Oh the only One
whose Sacred Name my lips are not able to call
you hear my calling my sickness my illness my dying small self
there is nothing I can ask for only my death